Our School of Ministry includes:

General Ministry Courses

Church Music
    The primary mission of the SCHOOL OF CHURCH MUSIC is the education and preparation of Christ
centered, God honoring and only Spirit controlled musicians grounded in Music and God's Word. This
includes thorough Bible training and the foundational music concepts that are necessary for music
performance in ministry and writing that truly honor God. Students will be provided with opportunities for
music ministry that allows practical application of learned skills.

Bachelors of Church Music

Masters of Church Music
    The mission emphasis of the MCM degree is laying the foundation for continued work in a doctoral
program. Students are expected to expand their musical skills and continued development of ministry
knowledge. The program is specifically designed for inspirational and professional leadership in the
Church. This includes music for Evangelism and Outreaches. The curriculum stresses a combination of
practical study and application of all areas of music ministry. It has independent study for advanced study in
specialized areas.

Doctorate of Church Music

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