Quit? Dr. Pat Rush say, "No Way!" I believe this book is a
timely necessity for the Church of Jesus Christ. He want his
body to stand fast and never quit.

When Father God gives a vision He makes it clear to His
children. If you want a productive life you must have a vision
or goal. In the body of Christ the vision comes to the leader
who then shares it with the flock. God directs the leader to
the main vision He wants for His church. We must follow the
leaders; cling to Jesus; depend on Him for that strength you
will need along the way. It's not easy but that's what makes it

Great examples of how people ran their race are found
inside these pages. Meditate upon the word that is found
there. You will be encourage to grow in your own journey as
you read how precious brothers and sisters live in victory.
Dr. Pat has given us a wonderful tool by writing this book.
Thank the Father for giving her the words.

Bob Dunphy, Apostle of Jesus Christ
Now is not the time to turn back or give up!
God is not finished with you, yet.

This book is filled with accounts of ordinary
people who took hold of the Good News
and experienced
extraordinary results.

God loves you. He has answers for you
today. You, too, can experience
extraordinary solutions for the  difficult
challenges of life.
Mess to Miracle

Live the abundant, grace-filled Above &
Beyond! The Holy Spirit is the only
One who can take God’s Word and transform
your soul. In this book you will encounter
people who discovered the victorious life God
meant for us to live today. You too, can be
reconciled and restored to the Father,
discovering true joy, peace and freedom in
Christ rising Above & Beyond your
imagination. Our heavenly Father has given
Pat Rush a fountain of creative ideas
allowing her to pastor, teach and, also, to
compose prose, poetry, and music for us
spreads His Word while at the same time
giving praise and glory to her Father God.

When you open this book you will find
an extraordinary life-changing
ordinary book. Every step in this
God-led journey is based on the
foundation of truth in God's Word.
God' Word is Truth, not just true.
Learn to break through walls and
barriers to victory when you give your
life totally to Him. Discover God's plan
for you as His child. It will Work.